Sunday 8 April 2012

#Project366 – week 12

I hadn’t appreciated how behind I’d become with my #project366 posts until I realised that Mother’s Day kickstarted this round-up of week 12, and it’s now Easter Sunday…oops! Please accept my apologies and cast your mind back to those brief moments of sunshine we enjoyed last month as you check out these food-related photos…

#78 - Alghero's sea bass with saffron mash

Day #78 – Delightful Dorset restaurant Alghero previously featured amongst my finest dining experiences of 2011 as a family favourite…this pan-fried seabass with saffron mashed potatoes and Sardinian-style tomatoes was the star of their Mother’s Day menu

#79 - regular Tesco home delivery

Day #79 – One day I will buy all of my groceries from local independent stores, but sadly for now I mainly have to rely on Tesco’s online delivery service for our weekly shop

#80 - iced vanilla latte to celebrate spring

Day #80 – Celebrating the start of Spring with an iced vanilla latte on the walk to work via Westminster Abbey…little did I know how briefly the sunshine would last!

#81 - spicy prawn and aubergine curry

Day #81 – Simple low-calorie seafood suppers are usually a sign that I’m enjoying a solo dinner…this combination of paprika prawns, chilli-baked aubergine, sundried tomatoes, chickpeas and spinach adds up to only 600 calories

#82 - coconut water to rehydrate post-gym

Day #82 – Sometimes after a workout I treat myself to a can of coconut water for added rehydration

#83 - Petros olives from the Real Food Festival

Day #83 – Succulent Cypriot olives courtesy of Petros and purchased at the Real Food Festival on London’s Southbank

#84 - Mike & Ollie's mackerel wrap from Brockley Market

Day #84 – The mackerel in my lunchtime Lebanese flatbread by Mike and Ollie at Brockley Market was so fresh, its tail was still attached!

I’m hoping to whizz through my backlog of food photos over the next few days, but in the meantime why not check out my daily updates on my #project366 Pinterest board or follow the Feelgd_Foodbk on Twitter and katy_riddle on Instagram?

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