Sunday 6 May 2012

#Project366 – week 16

Sadly a chaotic few weeks at work has meant that I’ve fallen at the first hurdle in my grand plan to report back on the latest progress in my #Project366 challenge at the end of each week. It’s still my intention to get my act in gear to the point where I can upload the latest update every Sunday, so please bear with me whilst I whizz through the past few weeks of food photos in order to get back on track. For now, cast your minds back to mid-April and feast your eyes on the tasty treats that made my week bearable… 

#106 - watching Thomasina Miers at BBC Good Food show

Day #106 – As part of my parents’ long weekend in London we took a trip over to Bluewater for BBC’s Spring Good Food Show. The food market itself was much smaller than I’d expected, but this did give us a great opportunity to spend time talking to stallholders like Gower Cottage’s Kate Jenkins about their top-quality produce. We were also lucky enough to meet charmingly modest Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers and gush to her about our love of Wahaca before watching her teach jolly Olly Smith how to prepare spicy and refreshing crab tacos in the Cooks’ Theatre

#107 - spicy Vampire condiments from The Garlic Farm

 Day #107 – Breaking into my new stock of spicy condiments from The Garlic Farm, purchased on a bargain deal during BBC’s Spring Good Food Show

#108 - skinny mocha and nub of chocolate croissant at Rabot Estate

Day #108 – Stealing the nub end of a friend's croissant to go with my skinny mocha at Rabot Estate whilst taking a wander through Borough Market…Monmouth Coffee was too crowded for us to grab a table, despite it being an otherwise quiet Tuesday morning!  

#109 - Moroccan-style chicken, apricot, chickpea and raisin stew

Day #109 – Mixing leftover roast chicken with apricots, chickpeas and raisins to make a speedy Moroccan-style stew, served on a fluffy bed of spinach couscous

#110 - succumbing to a glass of wine with my Ottoman supper

Day #110 – Allowing myself to break my customary alcohol ban and succumb to a relaxing glass of wine alongside an Ottoman supper after being stranded at Victoria by a major railway failure

#111 - gourmet breakfast from Leon at the new Kings Cross station

Day #111 – Preparing for a long train journey with a gourmet breakfast of Greek yoghurt topped with blueberries, toasted seeds and honey (plus another skinny mocha) from Leon’s pop-up at the new Kings Cross train station

#112 - pasta dishes made from scratch at L'ataliers des Chef

Day #112 – The rewarding results from my pasta-making class at L’ataliers des Chefs…goats cheese & walnut ravioli served with chive butter, tagliatelle with peas and pan-fried salmon, plus a huge bowl of red pepper and pecan pesto!

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