Monday 13 August 2012

Buon Appetito at Alghero!

Tearing into Alghero's deep fried grana padano cheese and eggs balls

This post is less of a restaurant review, more of a public service announcement…

Alghero is an authentic Italian restaurant in Poole, a short drive from the beautiful sandy beaches and an even shorter walk from the house I grew up in. Ever since my family discovered the gastronomic delights hidden inside this eatery’s modest exterior, it’s become our first port of call when wanting to celebrate special occasions or impress friends. We know that Jelena’s warm and friendly service will make us feel welcome from the moment we arrive, and that Luigi’s skilful cooking will excite our senses and ensure that when we finally head home it will be with satisfied stomachs. 

I’ve previously waxed lyrical about their Sardinian seafood stew and showcased their grilled seabass with crushed potatoes on Day #78 of #Project366. But I felt it was my duty to share one of Dorset’s best-kept secrets with my fellow food lovers, and demonstrate the wide array of delicious dishes on offer…

Day #210 of #project366 - special starter of scallops with bacon and balsamic

It’s little surprise that I chose this special starter to reflect Day #210 of #Project366…succulent scallops as big as a baby’s fist, pan-fried alongside smoky bacon and served on a bed of fresh spinach with a drizzle of sharp balsamic vinegar

Alghero's king prawns with garlic and white wine butter

There’ll be no risk of a vampire attack after mopping up this potent liquor…tender king prawns with an intense garlic, white wine and butter sauce

Alghero's deep-fried grana padano balls with tomato sauce

A crumbed coating ensures that these gooey balls of deep-fried grana padano cheese and egg melt in your mouth instead of on the plate…served in a pool of tomato and basil sauce so full-bodied that you’ll think you’ve been teleported straight to the Italian coast

Alghero's gnocchetti with spicy Italian sausage

One of the many things that I love about Alghero is that their pastas can be ordered as either a starter or a main course…and that the portions are extremely generous in either case! Spicy Italian sausage and Sardinian durum semolina pasta (known as “Gnocchetti”) tossed in a tangy tomato and garlic sauce and topped with a liberal sprinkling of hand-grated parmesan

Alghero's sirloin steak with dolcelatte, cream and port sauce

Despite the best of intentions to select one of the menu’s numerous healthy fresh fish dishes, whenever it’s my turn to order the words that come out instead are always “juicy beef sirloin steak with dolcelatte cheese, port and cream sauce, please”…! A (literally) rare treat that is worth every extra minute I have to spend in the gym afterwards burning off the calories from the luxurious sauce!

Alghero's sauteed rosemary potatoes Alghero's sauteed buttered spinach

The rustic charm of the side dishes belies the attention to detail in their execution…crisp rosemary-scented sautéed potatoes and buttered spinach, both expertly seasoned

Authentic Italian desserts at Alghero in Poole

Make sure you leave space for pudding when visiting Alghero, but don’t be fooled by any suggestions of icecream…the traditional Italian desserts are simply too wonderful to miss!

A spoonful of tiramisu at Alghero Alghero's creme caramel

Prepare to be knocked out by this classic combination of aromatic coffee, fluffy cream, rich dark chocolate and sweet liqueur…as a self-confessed fan of tiramisu, this will always win my vote! The crème caramel looks equally exquisite and provides a delicate mixture of vanilla custard and runny butterscotch to anyone in need of a lighter finale to their meal

Frankly, just writing this review has left me drooling…Buon Appetito at Alghero!


  1. Totally agree with your comments about Alghero! Really look forward to a return visit. A lovely write up and beautiful photos! Lindseyx
    PS We are fine thanks, hope everything is working out for you both...

  2. AND.... Meant to say- hope you are watching the new series of The Great British Bake Off! L x