Sunday 23 December 2012

#Project366 – week 51

If the Mayans’ predictions had been correct, then #Project366 would have stopped short just before noon on Day #356…and I wouldn’t have written this blogpost either, as the world would have ended! Thankfully this wasn’t the case and we can all look forward to Christmas now, though judging by these photos my festive gluttony has already begun…

#351 - roast chicken with lemon and sage

Day #351 – Stuffing a corn-fed chicken with lemon and fresh sage for a classic Sunday roast for two, with enough leftovers to last all week

#352 - Tanoshii Fusion's chicken yakitori

Day #352 – Given that I won’t be spending Christmas Day with my parents this year, we decided to meet up in Winchester for some early celebrations and a tour around their festive market. This picturesque cathedral city has the benefit of being halfway between my little London flat and our family home in Dorset, and having lived there for a few years before moving to the big smoke I knew there were plenty of options for a decent lunch. I’ve always been impressed by Tanoshii Fusion, and these juicy chicken yakitori skewers didn’t disappoint!

#353 - Sabrina Ghayour's sweet bejewelled rice

Day #353 – After many months lusting over Sabrina Ghayour’s photos from her Persian supperclubs, I was delighted to finally experience her dishes for myself. This morassa polow (bejewelled rice) was totally addictive, packed with flavour thanks to nutty pistachios and almonds, sharp orange peel and sour barberries that had been caramelised to create an additional level of sweetness

#354 - Bishopsgate Kitchen's truffle mac and cheese

Day #354 – Once the amber leaves start falling from the trees, American food-bloggers start uploading recipes for macaroni cheese. I’d been lusting after class “mac n cheese” for so long, when I saw this truffle version topped with a duck egg on the menu at Bishopsgate Kitchen whilst catching up with my friend Jamie on a rainy winter’s evening, I knew I could resist temptation no longer

#354a - Starmatic version of truffle mac and cheese

Incidentally, you might have heard about the online uproar this week when Instagram decided to change their terms of service…I doubt it’s very likely that photos of my home cooking and little cat would have been of interest to many advertisers, but I decided to test out this #Project366 photo on Starmatic in preparation for a mass exodus. Instagram have now updated their terms again based on people’s feedback, but I liked the selection of filters they offered so I might explore this photo-editing app further in 2013…

#355 - Wishone's thai fried chicken thighs

Day #355Ticking another Brixton Village diner off the list…thai fried chicken thighs with tamarind dressing, mint, chilli and shallots from Wishbone

#356 - Maurillio's blueberry and pear frangipane tart

Day #356 – I’d spotted Maurillio’s stunning cakes when I visited Prima Donna in Brixton Village’s Market Row on Day #152, and was very grateful that he agreed to give up his precious time to teach me his top tips for successful baking…I was equally grateful for this slice of his moist pear and blueberry almond frangipane tart that he let me sample!

#357 - smoked salmon with fat-free yoghurt

Day #357 – Light post-gym snack of smoked salmon and fat-free yoghurt on a rice cake (before eating a couple of these chocolate chip scones still warm from the oven!)

There’s only 9 days left until I complete my challenge to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year! It would be sensible to put all of this together in one bumper blogpost, so my final #Project366 roundup won’t be until after I’ve taken the last snapshot on New Year’s Eve. If you’ve missed any of my previous updates, you can look back on the story so far on my #Project366 Pinterest Board…make sure you don’t miss any more by following me on Twitter and Instagram

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