Wednesday 28 August 2013

7 things for 7 days...#9

A montage of my favourite foodie moments and other random musings from the past week...
Pintxos at Pix Bar

1. When I visited Spain last summer I fell in love with the traditional pintxos bars, and was amazed to discover an impressively authentic replica much closer to home in the form of Pix Bar. Last week I visited with fellow food lovers Selina from Yummy Choo and Laura from Digest Magazine, and as I predicted they were equally taken with the stunning display of tapas on offer.

With items priced at either £1.95 or £2.95, Pix is very friendly on the purse, but because everything looks so appetising you still need to keep an eye on your growing stack of skewers. Thankfully for greedy folks like me, Pix have introduced "infinity Sundays" where you can enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited pintxos and cava for only £29.95. There's a tray of churros and chocolate sauce ready with my name on it for my next trip...!

2. Ashley from (never)home maker's exercise posts constantly inspire me, and I'll confess that this article on her first 5k race after turning 30 got me a little choked up. In the last one of these posts I discussed my own gym motivation, and I do think that I might also be turning a corner mentally when it comes to running. Honestly, if I'm still training half as hard as Ashley when I'm at her stage in life I'll be a very happy lady.

School of Wok Authentic Chinese Flavours class

3.Another week where I've done hardly any cooking of note (apart from whip up a batch of double chocolate cookies). I've realised that I probably eat out an average of 10 times per month (plus weekend lunches at markets and street food events) that really awful?! As someone who enjoys cooking I don't ever plan for it to be this's just a combination of social commitments plus Twitter-induced FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

That said, I took a giant leap back towards my kitchen this week by attending a fascinating masterclass on Authentic Chinese Flavours, courtesy of the generous team at the School of Wok. During the 3 hour session Chef Jeremy Pang taught us how to make Crispy Pork Belly, Sichuan Aubergine, and Fujian Fried Rice, which we then gladly sampled. Rest assured, this was my first plate of many! I was the annoying girl constantly taking photos whilst attempting to avoid chopping any digits off with the huge cleaver, which I'll be sharing in full shortly.

Superheroes in Shoreditch

4. What's the collective noun for a group of superheroes?! Bumping into this Lycra-clan team in Shoreditch certainly brightened up my morning...though clearly my Peter Parker-esque paparazzi skills need improving, as they totally clocked my unsubtle snapshot...

5. I've a little s'mores obsession going on right now, after being introduced to these moreish American campfire treats from Masterchef winner Tim Anderson at fellow meaty-maestro Jonathan Dale's immense barbecue (I know, I!). Can you imagine how sickly sweet and delicious this s'mores wedding cake would be?! Plus I love how the bride and groom blow-torched the marshmallow topping instead of the classic ceremonial cake-cutting!

6. Speaking of both FOMO and s'mores, the next new restaurant on my hitlist is Flesh and Buns...the steady stream of tempting images appearing on my Instagram-feed during the past fortnight has become too much to handle! Having recently enjoyed the pork belly steamed hirata buns being served up at Yum Bun, I'm certainly intrigued to see how the "fleshy" (and fishy!) fillings from Bone Daddies' boy Ross Shonhan compare...

7. I wonder whether #littlecat's dreams are anything like this...? It would certainly be fitting for him to follow in my boyfriend's footsteps as a drummer! Thanks to Tracy from Shutterbean for sharing this cute and quirky video!


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