Tuesday 16 August 2011

Devouring Borough Market

Having recently moved to London from Hampshire, I’m still regularly dumbstruck by the abundance of fine food that I now find myself surrounded by. Whilst I may have been able to experience an authentically rural Farmers Market in my previous life out in the sticks, in reality the opportunities to buy quality ingredients were few and far between.

In contrast, it seems I can hardly walk down a street in the capital without stumbling upon some delectable deli, enticing ethnic vegetable market or beautiful bakery. On every corner there’s an intriguing independent coffee house, ideal for a girl whose best gossiping accessories are a chai latte and a wedge of cake. Here in the big smoke you no longer need to visit Starbucks for your espresso fix – though there are also plenty of those if you still can’t tear yourself away!

When it comes to the hunt for decent produce in London, there’s one place that stands head and shoulders above the rest: Borough Market. An Aladdin’s cave filled with wonders that will set your mouth watering and your tastebuds tingling - icecream made with goats milk, super smoothies packed with wheatgrass, crème caramel all the way from name it, they sell it.

So it was simply a matter of time before I joined the throngs of eager tourists and hungry locals in the pilgrimage to this foodie Mecca. A full-on sensory experience, I found it easy to lose myself in the maze of stalls and its litany of culinary delights (as the photos below demonstrate). In fact, the only difficulty was choosing what to eat first!

Comptoir Gourmand's mountain of crisp meringues

Pieminster's perfect pastry cases and flavoursome fillings

A selection of earthy woodland mushrooms 

An amazingly colourful selection of bell peppers from Jock Stark's stall

If you prefer savoury treats to ice-cream, look no further - mozzarella balls with  pesto

Drunk cheese! This wine-soaked cheese from L'ubriaco has an amazing fruity flavour 

Irresistible hot duck confit rilette rolls courtesy of Le Marche de Quartier

Spicy stuff - Brindisa's collection of dried chillies

Shellseeker's treasure trove of scallops

A rainbow of vitamin-packed fresh fruits and juices 

Experience the full sights and smells of nautical life at Furness Fish and Game

Lunch! A healthy and delicious quinoa burger with carrot salsa and houmous from The Veggie Table 

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