Sunday 25 March 2012

#Project366 – week 10

The first full week of food photos since switching to my new iPhone…looking back on my earlier roundup articles I’m almost ashamed at how poor the quality of my snapshots had been previously! They say a bad workman always blames his tools, so I’m hoping that the this new technological boost will have an equally positive impact in my photographic skills!

#64 - Poires au Chocolat's gooey coconut chocolate blondie recipe

Day #64 – Testing out Poires au Chocolat’s recipe for toasted coconut and dark chocolate blondies

#65 - Celebrating Pieweek with a Pieminister Moopie

Day #65 – Serving up Pieminister’s beef and ale Moopie to celebrate National Pie Week (recipe coming soon!)

#66 - Finding my inner calm with a Chai Latte

Day #66 – I’ve been obsessed with Chai Lattes ever since I first tried them at Cafe Boscanova, and am so glad that I finally bought my own stash of Drink me Chai to provide some soothing inner calm after a stressful day at work!

#67 - Fresh balsamic beetroot for roasting

Day #67 – Raw beetroot coated in balsamic vinegar and seasoning ready to roast for my evening meal

#68 - Jamie Magazine in my hotel room

Day #68 – Relaxing in my hotel room with the latest edition of Jamie magazine at the end of a long day preparing for my work conference…for weeks I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to capture my coral toenail polish on camera!

#69 - contrasting Regal-coloured stripes

Day #69 – Satisfying a late-night sugar craving and loving the contrasting Regal-coloured stripes from this chocolate box and hotel bedspread

#70 - Mini pain au chocolat from the hotel buffet

Day #70 – What is it about a hotel buffet that makes you choose breakfast options that you’d never allow yourself to have at home?! Treating myself to a mini pain au chocolat in preparation for yet another chaotic day at the conference

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