Friday 10 August 2012

#Project 366 – week 29

I’ve been trying to fill my plate with bright and colourful foods during the past few weeks whilst the weather has been distinctly un-summery, as these photos from mid-July demonstrate!

#197 - serrano ham and egg cup at Flavours of Spain brunch

Day #197 – Ham and eggs like you’ve never tasted it before…brunch cup muffin with Serrano ham and fried egg at the Flavours of Spain supperclub (full review coming shortly!)

#198 - summer vegetable taco mix

Day #198 – I’m normally a carnivore beast, but on this occasion I decided to mix things up with a light and spicy summer vegetable taco filling

#199 - Women's Health Magazine's flat belly tips

Day #199Swatting up on Women’s Health Magazine’s top tips for a perfect bikini belly in preparation for my holidays…!

#200 - M&S fusion sushi

Day #200 – This isn’t just sushi…this is M&S’ new fusion sushi…admittedly it sounds slightly less glamorous when I confess that it was devoured during a train journey to the Midlands

#201 - fresh fruit platter

Day #201 – There aren’t many things that can tempt me away from a chocolate-based dessert, but this fruit platter looks so beautifully fresh and vibrant that it becomes instantly appealing

#202 - Thomasina Miers' chilli con carne

Day #202 – Reminding myself of Thomasina Miers’ chilli con carne recipe from her excellent cookbook Mexican Food Made Simple, with the help of the book stand given to me as a birthday gift from a dear friend

#203 - African Biscuit Company's Beskuits

Day #203 – Crunchy Big Breakfast Beskuits by the African Biscuit Company, baked in the county of my birth and ordered via Love Your Larder using a gift voucher they gave me as a prize for being their Blogger of the Week (as if that title wasn’t reward enough!)

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