Monday 8 October 2012

#Project366 - week 32

A combination of meaty evening meals and fruity daytime snacks (plus a sweet chocolately treat!) during this mid-August flashback from my challenge to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year...

Day #218 - Testing out Sharpham Park's speltotto included in my Flavrbox, with an additional spicy boost courtesy of Flavours of Spain chorizo

Day #219 - Seeking out a much-needed energy boost and some vitamins with a refreshing mango frozen smoothie

Day #220 - All the components of a chicken tikka curry, tucked inside a flatbread wrap as a hot takeaway train station supper from Camden Food Co

Day #221 - Trying unsuccessfully to capture a snapshot of the steam coming off this juicy roast chicken leg during a date-night dinner at Canteen
Day #222 - Transforming failed chocolate cheesecake brownies into a crumble mixture
Day #223 - ring a ring of raspberries...I couldn't tell anyone at the time, but this photo was taken whilst I was testing out a recipe for raspberry jellies for the Dessert Deli's beautiful cookbook, which goes on sale on 31st October!
Day #224 - Slurping an Exotic Solero after a 5k run in the sun...can you believe there's only 90 calories in one of these creamy iced treats?!
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