Thursday 16 February 2012

#Project366 – week 6

A whole host of culinary discoveries caught on camera in this week’s #project366 round-up…

#36 - Licking the bowl clean of blueberry muffin mix

Day #36 – The best part of baking my low-fat blueberry muffins was licking the bowl clean of any leftover cake mix

#37 - picking out the evil mushrooms from my abokado soup

Day #37Abokado’s sizzling coconut real roast chicken soup is ideal for filling me up at lunchtime, but I insist on picking out all of the evil mushrooms with my chopsticks before tucking in!

#38 - new healthy Graze box sweet snacks

Day #38 – My latest Graze box contained an exciting selection of new healthy sweet snacks for me to try out

#39 - Ben & Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie froyo

Day #39 –  Date night at the cinema and a life-changing moment…I took a bite of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie frozen yoghurt and was surprised to learn that this low-fat version tasted just as delicious as the ice-cream I adored as a teenager

#40 - simple porridge supper stirred with a spurtle

Day #40 – Using my Scottish spurtle for the first time to stir up this simple supper of cinnamon porridge, topped with crystallised ginger and lots of honey

#41 - icecream tasting at La Gelatiera

Day #41 –  I’ve been dying to visit La Gelatiera every since their cute cafe opened near Covent Garden last autumn, so I jumped at Giulia’s kind invite to join a group of fellow food bloggers for an evening tasting their incredible range of creamy Italian gelatos and rich homemade chocolate desserts

#42 - Mutual marmite loving by chocolatier Paul A Young

Day #42 – Spent a freezing cold Saturday touring South London’s best food markets, and was lucky enough to meet renowned chocolatier Paul A Young at the Real Food Festival to discuss our mutual love of Marmite. I was stunned at how his XO bar recreated the melt-in-the-mouth sensation of eating a liquid salted caramel, but also provided an additional level of umami flavouring…it’s a must for anyone who’s a mate of Marmite!

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