Sunday 8 July 2012

#Project 366 – week 25

My week began with an overnight stay at the Fairlawns Hotel and Spa for a pampering session with a few hard-working girl friends. I’m so used to the daily grind that whenever I do get a moment to pause the ensuing exhaustion comes as a shock! Clearly I should make time for “rest and relaxation” more regularly – it certainly felt therapeutic not to worry about emails, phone calls, texts or tweets for 24 hours, though I did manage to capture a few snapshots of the good food on offer!

#169 - cracking the top of vanilla creme brulee

Day #169 – Cracking into a rich vanilla creme brûlée whilst unwinding over a three-course feast at the Fairlawns Hotel

#170 - breakfast platter of fruit and yoghurt at Fairlawns Hotel and Spa

Day #170 – Preparing to hit the gym and sauna with a healthy breakfast platter of fruit and greek yoghurt (also saving space for the decadent chocolate brownies and a freshly baked scones with jam and cream after my workout…!)

#171 - tables laid at Rosas thai in Spitalfields

Day #171 – Pillar-box red decor all set for the start of another busy dinner service at Rosa’s Thai restaurant in Spitalfields

#172 - Nigel Slater's homemade beef burger recipe

Day #172 – Homemade beef burgers griddling for an indoor barbecue…a simple Nigel Slater recipe made by mixing minced beef with a dollop of sweet German mustard, a splash of Worcestershire sauce and a sprinkling of seasoning

#173 - rainbow summer salad

Day #173Experimenting with a new quick and easy side for solo suppers and lunches - rainbow salad using Olives Et Al shallot & orange dressing that my mum brought back from Dorset for my birthday 

#174 - Theo Randall's scallops and lentils at Taste of London

Day #174 – I didn’t bother spending my hard-earned “crowns” on many of the dishes from the pop-up restaurants at Taste of London, but these succulent scallops with pancetta, chilli & lentils by Theo Randall were a fiver well spent

#175 - hansen and Lydersen smoked salmon at Maltby Street market

Day #175 - Unbelievably delicious smoked salmon by Hansen and Lydersen, discovered during my first visit to the modestly-sized Maltby Street market

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