Saturday 28 July 2012

#Project 366 – week 27

The first week of July marked the halfway point in my #project366 challenge! I may not have accomplished all of the blogging goals I set myself for 2012, but I’m proud that I’ve so far managed to capture a food-related photograph every single day this year. Let’s hope I can continue to discover appetising new culinary experiences over the next five months to keep you drooling…!

#183 - sticky sausage and apple bake

Day #183 (halfway through my #project366 challenge!) – Easy tray baked supper of sausages, apples, potato wedges and diced summer vegetables covered in a sticky spicy plum sauce

#184 - cheese and Marmite

Day #184Salty Marmite + nutty Gruyere cheese = match make in heaven!

#185 - cinnamon gelato at Scoop in Soho

Day #185 – I am in awe of these perfectly formed swirls of luxurious cinnamon gelato at Scoop (which also happen to taste delicious)

#186 - Hummingbird Bakery celebrates Independence Day on 4th July

Day #186Hummingbird Bakery in Soho celebrating Independence Day (4th July)

#187 - Eat's banoffee pie

Day #187 – A portable banoffee pie was selected as my sweet treat for a date night at the movies with my man

#188 - Honest Burger in Brixton Village

Day #188Honest Burger in Brixton Village is legendary amongst the London foodie scene. Ever since moving to the big smoke I’d been dying to wrap my chops round their meaty sandwiches, but had always been put-off by the hour+ long queue. Finally my boyfriend and I succeeded in snapping up a table early on Friday evening, and I felt there was only one option for me to mark this seminar moment – the trademark “Honest” burger, a mind-blowing combination of rare Ginger Pig aged beef, topped with mature cheddar, smoked bacon, red onion relish and served with crunchy rosemary-salted chips that had been seasoned exceptionally skilfully. I never thought a simple burger and chips could be so satisfying!

#189 - Horn OK Please at the Real Food Festival

Day #189 – Moving from American dining to Indian street food, testing out Horn OK Please’s crispy Panjabi Samosa Chaat covered in chenna masala, yoghurt, chutney and pomegranate garnish during their guest appearance at the Real Food Festival

Unbelievably, I now have 750 twitter followers – as one of thousands of faceless food-bloggers out there I am incredibly flattered! If you like this taster of my gastronomic ramblings then please feel free to sign up for more regular digests, and check out my instagram feed and #project366 pinterest board for daily doses of food porn…!


  1. gosh it is difficult enough to be doing the 366 with any pic I want every day, well done so far on a food one. I have a food one today as well

    1. Thank you very much! I'm enjoying my foodie #project366 but have realised my diet isn't very varied so it's getting tricky to take new photos!

  2. OK, I know there's a typo here but I'm worried that all the layout will get messed up if I alter it, so apologies!