Saturday 4 February 2012

#Project366 – week 4

Feast your eyes on these flashes of food finesse from the final week of January…

#22 Arriving at Fifteen London for Luke Robinson's supper club

Day #22 – My first trip to Jamie Oliver’s flagship restaurant Fifteen for an Italian-themed lunchtime supper club by one of their 2006 graduates Luke Robinson. Seeing those mopeds reminded me of the buzz I felt when Jamie first hit our screens as the Naked Chef!

#23 - Jamie Oliver Magazine's Sunshine roast chicken hot out the oven

Day #23 – My twist on the Sunshine Roast Chicken recipe in this month’s Jamie Magazine, hot out the oven. Despite only having two mouths to feed in our little flat (plus a little cat), I’ve recently become a roast dinner convert as the leftovers make our midweek meals so much easier and cheaper

#24 - Leftover chicken and sweet potato jerk enchiladas

Day #24 – If you need proof that cooking a whole bird for two people is worthwhile, here’s Exhibit A: transforming the shredded roast chicken and sweet potato into a single serving of fiery jerk enchiladas for my man

#25 - apricot balsamic glaze with light icecream and sliced banana

Day #25 – I fell in love with this Apricot Balsamic Glaze during one of many trips to Borough Market, and have since discovered that it’s ideal for adding some serious sweetness to my healthy(ish!) dessert of light vanilla ice-cream and sliced banana

#26 - Addicted to Werthers Originals

Day #26 – I know that these butterscotch candies are supposed to be your grandfather’s favourite sweets, but I’m also totally addicted to Werther’s Originals!

#27 - Betal leaf wrapped sirloin and peanuts as course 1 of 7 at the Vietnamese supper club

Day #27 – As well as my intimate lunch at Fifteen, this week also saw my first visit to a supper club hosted in someone’s home. The dark lighting and a dying iPhone meant that I didn’t manage many snaps, but this starter of lemongrass beef sirloin wrapped in betal leaf and topped with peanuts certainly whetted our appetites for the other six courses ahead at Leluu’s Vietnamese feast. Just don’t ask me about the frogs legs…!

#28 - My homemade version of Pieminister moopie

Day #28 – My first attempt at recreating Pieminister’s famous rich beef and ale Moo pie. My shortcrust pastry skills still need some practice, so it’s lucky that their cookbook is packed with enough seasonal recipes to keep my pie-perfectionist boyfriend happy all year round!

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