Tuesday 27 March 2012

#Project366 – week 11

Laying my life out to you on a plate, one day at a time…

#71 - removing the bun from my burger

Day #71 – This photo may not be pretty, but it reflects a necessary part of my routine…removing the doughy bun from my beef burger topped with cheese and red onion relish in order to reduce the calories and prevent carb-overload

#72 - Spanish potato tortilla for lunch

Day #72 – Loving the lighting in this snapshot of my lunchtime Spanish potato tortilla, packed with peppers and peas

#73 - instant icecream sandwich

Day #73 – Resorting to the use of a spoon whilst satisfying my sweet tooth with this instant ice-cream sandwich

#74 - Juicy chicken pieces

Day #74 – A giant skillet full of juicy roast chicken pieces, waiting to be served for supper in the staff canteen

#75 - Jack Spratt's baby-back ribs

Day #75 – Wondering whether this rack of ribs from Jack Spratt’s will be too huge for my boyfriend’s sparrow-like appetite to handle…it’s practically the size of a whole pig!

#76 - frothy mocha in Manchester's northern quarter

Day #76 – Catching up with an old friend over a frothy mocha in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter

#77 - new Outsider Tart goodies for Dorset

Day #77 – Safely transporting a care package of Outsider Tart’s newest baked goodies from the Real Food Festival back home to Dorset

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