Monday 9 April 2012

#Project366 – week 13

My boyfriend’s parents were visiting us this week, which meant there was plenty of opportunity for me to capture culinary snapshots whilst we introduced them to our favourite London eateries. Whilst my other half has accepted my need to document our dining experiences in photographic form, I realise it’s not really acceptable in polite company, so I had to resist the temptation to shoot every dish we ate over the weekend!

#85 - Arancini Brothers risotto ball

Day #85 – Tearing open a crispy Arancini Brothers fried risotto ball to expose the gooey mozzarella filling during a lunchtime stroll with a friend around the Real Food Festival

#86 - watching the pass at the BFI Riverfront

 Day #86 – We I decided to embrace the warm weather with a spontaneous dinner out at the BFI Riverfront restaurant...I’m always fascinated by watching the chefs preparing the meals in the kitchen, and am sure I annoyed my partner by spending the whole meal trying to get a good shot of their burgers being brought to the pass!

#87 - handwritten card from home

Day #87 – I love receiving cards from my mum in the post, and they are instantly recognisable before even opening the envelope thanks to her distinctive artistic handwriting!

#88 - Bakewell Tart for a busy afternoon at work

Day #88 – Solving a mid-afternoon slump in blood sugar with a Bakewell Tart at my desk in the office


Day #89 – Waiting to tuck in to a Sinfully Sweet crepe at the Brick Box in Brixton Village…its Belgian dark chocolate and cooked banana filling oozes delightfully across the plate but is impossible to photographic successfully!

#90 - Itsu salmon nigiri

Day #90 – Discovering a new favourite healthy lunch with Itsu's salmon nigiri box

#91 - guacamole and tortillas at Wahaca

Day #91 – Celebrating my boyfriend’s graduation with a family trip to Wahaca for a Mexican street food feast, starting with fresh guacamole and tortilla chips

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