Monday 9 April 2012

#Project366 – week 14

During the first few weeks of my #project366 challenge it was fairly easy for me to photograph a dish or snack I’d enjoyed every day. But as a creature of habit and counter of calories, my daily diet usually follows the same routine – which means it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new foods to capture on camera! Thankfully Easter’s celebrations have provided some seasonal snapshots for this week’s round-up…

#92 - Outsider Tart black & white cheesecake demonstration Day #92 – As a huge fan of Outsider Tart’s baked goodies, I felt honoured to grab a front row seat at David’s demonstration of the secrets behind their black and white cheesecake during the Southbank’s Chocolate Festival

#93 - takeaway packages on the train

Day #93 – Praying that these takeaway packages purchased during a long train journey home aren't the only thing I eat for dinner...(in the end I bought yet another pot of Wasabi’s chicken yakisoba)

#94 - bright lights of the chippy

Day #94 – Is this a luminous beacon guiding me to suppertime salvation, or to the depths of dietary hell...?! Settling for another takeaway dinner after another long day away with work

#95 - starter selection at Ben's Canteen

Day #95 – Finally reclaiming my Twitter-competition prize of a 3 course dinner for two people at Ben’s Canteen in St. John’s Hill! Female foodblogging friends Giulia, Selina and Laura joined me for a gossip over a feast of British food done well, starting with all-day breakfast scotch eggs, nutroast fritters, and potted ham with piccalilli

#96 - Easter table decorations in a country kitchen

Day #96 – Pastel coloured Easter table decorations spotted in my dream country-style kitchen during a work trip away

#97 - Lindt Easter bunnies

Day #97 – Lining up our Lindt Easter bunnies like a couple of Terracotta Warriors (a red-ribboned milk chocolate rabbit for my man and a dark version for me)

#98 - Jacob's Ladder Burger at the Real Food Festival

Day #98 – It wouldn’t be the weekend without a trip to the Real Food Festival for lunch with friends! Sharing a perfectly cooked chunky Jacob’s Ladder burger, topped with full-flavoured creamy Stichelton Dairy cheese

It’s taken a while, but I’m finally up to date with my #project366 blogposts! If you can’t wait until next week’s instalment, then don’t forget you can sign yourself up for daily updates through my #Project366 Pinterest board, or by following @Feelgd_Foodbk on Twitter and @Katy_Riddle on Instagram

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