Monday 7 May 2012

#Project366 – week 17

With polling day for the local elections approaching imminently, the final week in April represented a crunch period in my working life. This meant that most of my meals (including breakfast!) were consumed either on the road or waiting at a train station as I travelled across the country coordinating political media visits. I was so desperate to get back to our little flat’s kitchen and start cooking again that I stayed up until midnight baking cookies during the only evening I was home!

#113 - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Day #113 – I’m incredibly proud of my boyfriend for completing the London Marathon in just over 4 hours and raising over £2,000 for the British Heart Foundation. His brother and I followed our own little route to cheer him on, and stopped for a quick brunch of smoked salmon and scrambled egg (with bonus chips) in Canary Wharf’s shopping arcade just before high-fiving my man at mile 19

#114 - Fortnum & Mason icecream sundae

 Day #114 – Enjoying a lot of “real talk” and toasting all things British with a drop of Queen’s Jubilee tea and an enormous ice-cream sundae in the Parlour at Fortnum & Mason with a “totes” lovely new friend from the US of A

#115 - Joy the Baker's sweet potato chocolate chip cookies

Day #115 – Sweet potato chocolate chip cookies baked at midnight in honour of my blogging idol Joy the Baker and dished out to my work mates in my absence…shame I wasn’t in the office to get their verdict!

#116 - Giraffe Stop at Kings Cross

Day #116Sometimes I find it hard to rate the quality of my own cooking, but there’s no doubt that my beef chilli is far superior to the mediocre bowl I waited for at the Giraffe express stop in Kings Cross (having missed my train to Hull by literally one minute…!) 

#117 - roast beef canapes at the M Kitchen in Bradford

Day #117 – Roast beef canapés on display in the M Kitchen during a media visit to the Morrisons HQ in Bradford

#118 - spilled Haagen Dazs

Day #118 – No use crying over spilled ice-cream, but what a waste! Haagen Dazs hazard spotted outside my local train station during yet another very early start to my working day

#119 - Song Que's stir-fried duck with ginger and spring onion

Day #119 – Filling up on stir-fried duck with ginger and spring onion in Little Hanoi after copious amounts of coffee and before a bottle of white wine

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  1. Jamie Lauren Gem10 May 2012 at 22:40

    A rollercoaster ride of icecream-related emotions!

    F&M sundae with Katy & Joy - foodie heaven
    Haagen Dazs disaster - foodie hell