Sunday 1 July 2012

#Project366 – week 24

A diner’s-eye view of the culinary moments that made my week more enjoyable…

#162 - Goat galette from the Brick Box

Day #162 - Introducing some good friends to the Brick Box’s amazing crepes served up in Brixton Village. A buckwheat galette for Sunday brunch packed with goats cheese, spinach, olives, sundried and cherry tomatoes

#163 - Strawberries with balsamic vinegar and caster sugar

Day #163Seasonal strawberries macerated in balsamic vinegar and caster sugar, inspired by June’s edition of Jamie Magazine 

#164 - Banana Tree's roasted duck with Pei Pa Hoisin sauce

Day #164 – Duck is quite possibly my favourite meat, so I couldn’t resist this roasted breast fillet from Banana Tree in Soho, coated in spicy hoisin and cashew nut Pei Pa sauce (plus a side of healthy steamed jasmine rice)

#165 - Daisy Green's fat-free frozen yoghurt

Day #165 I discovered Daisy Green’s delicious fat-free frozen yoghurt at the recent world street food festival at the Southbank, so I was delighted to learn via Twitter that their van had taken up residence at Cardinal Place (just up the road from my office in Westminster). Daisy Green kindly lightened up lunchtime with a double helping of refreshing low-calorie froyo for myself and a colleague…we loved the candied pumpkin and crunchy granola!

#166 - talking tea cup

Day #166Either I was hallucinating or this tea cup was talking to me…

#167 - feta and sweet potato salad

Day #167Mountainous salad of salty feta cheese, roasted sweet potato and baby tomatoes drizzled with pesto during my lunch break in Parliament…I’ll definitely be recreating this recipe in our #littleflat

#168 - fruity Pimms and lemonade

Day #168 – You know that summer has begun when you find yourself sitting in a park drinking a glass of Pimms and lemonade, topped with freshly sliced fruit and shredded mint

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