Monday 28 January 2013

7 things for 7 days...#3

A collection of favourite moments and random musings from the past week...
Spicy prawn and noodle broth

1. I've been suffering from one of those colds that the term "rotten" was created for. Fuzzy head, aching muscles, sore throat and snuffly nose; I felt so lethargic this week that I couldn't even drag myself to the gym (a sure sign that I was really sick!).

In an attempt to KO the flu I bubbled up a vat of this spicy broth packed with prawns, noodles and healthy vegetables - yet another recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals. The sour liquor with its chilli kick made a refreshing change from the rich and creamy coconut milk soups I normally make, and went a long way to speeding up my recovery.

2. Food styling has become a source of increasing fascination for me ever since I undertook the #Project366 challenge last year. I'm constantly trying to improve my own photographic skills, and feel very inspired (and hungry!) by this run-down of BuzzFeed's 50 Best Food Blog Photos of 2012. It's impossible for me to choose a favourite image from that list...which one do you like the most?
KitKat chunky coconut

3. Have you seen all the crazy flavoured Chunky Kit-Kats on sale at the moment? Curiosity got the better of me when I spotted this coconut version whilst waiting for a train and I couldn't resist taking a bite. I'd been fantasising about a thick layer of decadent coconut cream, but sadly the only thing that was thick about this bar was the totally overpowering super-sweet milk chocolate around the wafer's edge. This appeared to be the consensus on Twitter and Instagram aswell...I'm tempted to try their peanut butter bar, but this is probably a lesson that I should just stick to my preferred dark chocolate!

4. There was one fantastic moment to brighten up this week from my sniffly self-pity...the wonderfully warm-hearted and super-talented chef Thomasina Miers commented on my blogpost about her Mexican market diner Wahaca!! Their spicy street food and luxurious tomato soup is the perfect remedy for feverish colds, so I think that's a good-enough excuse for yet another visit?!

Purple Hunter welly boots

5. During the recent snow flurries I've been so grateful for my vibrant Hunter welly boots, which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday in May (talk about forward-planning...!). But everyone I meet tells me that I now need welly socks to keep my toes toasty, and after a few days walking around on tiny blocks of ice I'm inclined to agree! I'm hoping the wintery weather will thaw out soon, but in the meantime I'm adding these grey chunky cable cuffs to my wish list.

Mike and Ollie wrap

6. By Saturday I couldn't mope around any longer, so I powered through a 5k treadmill run (easier than tackling the icy paths at Crystal Palace park) then treated myself to one of these immense Mike and Ollie wraps from Brockley Market. I'm seriously obsessed with their fluffy handmade Lebanese flatbreads filled with healthy humous, seeds, and coriander - on this occasion I swapped my usual mackerel order for tender cinnamon-scented butternut squash and sharp blood orange. I can't wait to tuck in to more of their seasonal fare at their supperclub next month...keep your eyes peeled for photos!

#littlecat on the bed

7. Needless to say the one member of our #littleflat family who is *not* a fan of snow is #littlecat...he's spent most of the week keeping warm on the bed or hiding in the cupboard with Henry Hoover. It's easy to tell when he has ventured outside though, because there's a trail of muddy paw prints right across the kitchen counter to his vantage point by the window! I'm nearly out of disinfectant spray now and considering buying him a teeny pair of Hunters too if it doesn't get sunny again soon!


  1. Wouldn't #littlecat need more than one pair of Hunters?:-)

    1. That's a good point...the big question is whether both pair of wellies should be the same colour or if I should mix things up a bit?!

  2. Oh, and what an amazing reply from Thomasina Miers!