Sunday 21 April 2013

7 things for 7 days...#7

My favourite foodie moments and other random musings from the last week (or so!)...

FishDogs dognuts

1. I believe that this is what is known in the industry as "the money shot" (I'm not saying which industry...!) Get your ass down to FishDog's truck at Brockley Market on Saturdays or the Red Market on Fridays to wrap your lips around these bad boy "dognuts", served alongside their sexed-up fish finger sarnies. These hot dognuts are crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside, coated in sweet cinnamon sugar and smothered in salted caramel sauce for an added treat...just like all the best bad boys...!

2. On Friday night I was honoured to witness a seminal moment in the culinary career of my dear friend and fellow food-adventurer Selina Periampillai of Yummy Choo, being one the exclusive group of guests enjoying her Mauritian Social Supper in the picturesque setting of the National Gallery's Cafe. She transported us straight to the beach with a delightful menu that included these dangerously delicious tropical cocktails, tender Kari poulet, and a rich dessert of caramelised rum bananas with coconut icecream. I've no doubt that her star is on the rise, so be sure to sign yourself up for a seat at her supperclub before her fame becomes stratospheric!

Flint & Flame 21-piece knife set

3. When I was growing up, it sometimes sucked that I was an only child. No-one to play boardgames or Barbie dolls with when my parents were busy. No-one to stick up for me against the mean kids who bullied me for going to the geek school. And it's impossible for me to understand the intense sibling connection where teasing each other mercilessly is actually a sign of affection. But sometimes being an only child can be amazing, like when your Dad decides to buy you an entire 21-piece set of outstanding Flint & Flame knives (plus a matching set for himself!). These beauties slice and dice like a dream, so I'm on the look-out for a decent knife-skills course to make sure I treat them with the care and attention they rightly deserve.

Reece's peanut butter eggs

4. Easter will never taste the same again, thanks to these uber-sweet chocolate coated peanut butter eggs! Having only realised the delights of peanut butter during #Project366 last year, I'm now completely obsessed with the stuff. Let's not even talk about these PB bacon pancakes posted by Joy the Baker just in time for weekend breakfast...I die!

5. When will it finally be flip-flop weather?! Normally I'd be living in sandals by this time of year, but I can still count on the fingers of one hand the number of days when it's been safe to leave the house without the protection of thick opaque tights. My trusty hot pink Accessorize ballet pumps just reached the fatal leaking stage, so I'm in desperate need of some replacement cute colourful flats. Though at this rate, I might as well just invest in another pair of Hunter welly boots!

Shoryu Sappiro Miso ramen

6. In London right now if you're not chomping on a "dirty" burger (see my recent pilgrimage to Patty & Bun), then you're chowing down on noodles. Shoryu have capitalised on the success of their Regent Street ramen bar by opening up a pop-up space in Soho, with a full-scale restaurant promised at the same site this summer. With 50% off at their pop-up until the end of April, it seemed like the perfect time to swing by and prove how [food] trendy I am. Their Sappiro Miso ramen with sweetcorn sounded intriguing, and made with a mixed miso and pork broth it at least felt healthier than the ultra-rich porky liquor I sampled at Tonkotsu. Of course I won't be a true hipster until I've visited Bone Daddies Bar as well - watch this space (and my Instagram feed) for more news on my elevation to the cool crowd...

7. Kodus to Shutterbean for uncovering this hilarious collection of photographs...whoever said that a dog is a man's best friend had clearly never met these guys! Admittedly my boyfriend and our #littlecat have a total bromance going on, but thankfully my snapshots pale in comparison to these!


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