Sunday 15 January 2012

Introducing #Project366 – week 1

One of the challenges I’ve set for myself in 2012 is to follow in the footsteps of Shutterbean, one of my blogging idols, and capture a food-related photograph every day.

With the aim of improving my photographic skills, I’ve decided to add another element to my gastronomic version of #Project366 and only use Instagram to edit these snapshots. The single shape option offered in this package will force me to think more carefully about the composition of my images, and I’m intending to develop the art of focussing the viewer’s gaze on a certain spot by using the tilt-shift tool and wide range of filters more effectively. 

I hope that you enjoy these brief insights into how everyday life appears through the eyes of a food fanatic!

#1 Healthy bedtime snack

Day #1 – Having totally forgotten to take any photos of the numerous meals I’d cooked during the first day of 2012, I was forced to settle for a snapshot of my healthy bedtime snack (my favourite Jordan’s cereal bar and mug of tea)

#2 Homemade honeyed carrot soup with toasted squash seeds

Day #2 – Finishing up the last of my vat of homemade honeyed carrot soup for lunch, topped with a handful of toasted butternut squash seeds

#3 Roasted squash, apples and shallots ready to blend into soup

Day #3A pile of roasted butternut squash, apple and shallot, scented with rosemary and cinnamon and awaiting its transformation into a superb soup recipe from Jamie’s Great Britain cookbook 

#4 frozen yoghurt shopping break

Day #4 Resting my weary feet during a shopping expedition in central London with a refreshing swirl of Pinkberry’s natural frozen yoghurt, scattered with blueberries

#5 Balanced post-workout breakfast

Day #5 Most mornings after the gym I refuel with a balanced breakfast of fat free yoghurt, delicious Dorset Cereal muesli and sliced banana (plus a naughty drizzle of honey!)

#6 Free Fox's Ambers biscuits to taste

Day #6 An exciting delivery of crunchy chocolate and honeycomb Fox’s Ambers biscuits that I won through a competition on kerrycooks blog

#7 Winchester traditional sweet shop

Day #7 Admiring the vast display of old-fashioned confectionery (and giant glass jars) on display at the Sweet Treat Company during a visit to Winchester

For more regular updates on the progress of my photographic challenge, check out my Project 366 Pinterest board or follow katy_riddle on Instagram

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