Monday 16 January 2012

#Project366 – week 2

The first fortnight of my #Project366 challenge is now over! I’m already in the habit of pausing to take a picture of my meal before actually taking a bite, so my problem so far hasn’t been remembering to take a food-related photo, but deciding which snapshot should be *the* image that accurately reflects my activities and mood each day.

Here’s a brief glimpse into my daily diet and my most memorable gastronomic moments of the week…

#8 Lunch wrap with tuna, avocado, pepper and sweetcorn

Day #8 – Mashed avocado mixed with tuna, sweetcorn and diced red pepper and hastily thrown into a chargrilled tortilla to provide me with a light lunch late in the afternoon

#9 Bubbling batch of Thomasina Miers' chilli con carne

Day #9 – A big batch of Thomasina Miers’ interpretation of dark and spicy chilli con carne, bubbling in the pan

#10 Resisting the chippy with prawns and couscous

Day #10 – Resisting the tempting call of the chip shop with a virtuous bowl of lemon-scented couscous, griddled courgette and hot chilli prawns, served on a bed of raw spinach

#11 First skinny hot chocolate of the year

Day #11 – Making the journey home from work more manageable with no-doubt the first skinny hot chocolate of many of 2012

#12 - New spice rack

Day #12 – As a total neat-freak, it was only a matter of time before I bought a wooden rack to ensure my collection of herbs and spices is always kept close at hand and all in order  

#13 - West Cornwall Pasty Company

Day #13 – Whilst no shop-bought pasty will ever truly compare to the homemade beef and vegetable pastries that my Cornish Nan brought me up on, the West Cornwall Pasty Company offers a rather decent replica

#14 - Smollensky's rump steak with cajun blue cheese sauce and chips

Day #14 – Celebrating the end of a long week with a slab of rare rump steak at Smollensky’s Grill, plus a side serving of fries and Cajun blue cheese sauce

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