Tuesday 24 January 2012

#Project 366–Week 3

A week in the life of a food fanatic, as viewed through the lens of a camera…

#15 - Oatmeal, walnut and raisin energy bar saved from Outdoors Show

Day #15 – Resisting the Sunday evening chocolate craving with this oatmeal, raisin and walnut Clif energy bar that I’d saved from Saturday’s trip to the Outdoors Show 

#16 - Dabbous London crowd pleaser cocktail

Day #16 – Checking out the barman’s mixing skills and this Crowd Pleaser cocktail during an exclusive opening week event at new restaurant Dabbous London (where I was lucky enough to meet French culinary idol Raymond Blanc!)

#17 - Dorset Cereal in a glass jar

Day #17 – My boyfriend may mock my obsession with glass Kilner jars, but they are ideal for ensuring that my favourite fruity Dorset Cereals stay fresh and crunchy

#18 - My ideal comfort food after a long day with an evening of work ahead

Day #18 – A long day at the office and more work on the evening’s agenda can mean only one thing…my ideal comfort food of cheddar mashed potato, classic baked beans and top-quality sausages (made by Three Counties Fine Foods)

#19 - Chowing down on chicken yakisoba and katsu whilst waiting for a train home

Day #19 – Hadn’t realised how hungry I was until I started chowing down on this chicken katsu and yakisoba noodle pot from the Wasabi outlet at Victoria Station whilst waiting for a late train home

#20 - Heart shaped sticky coriander rice

Day #20 – Delighted that this initial experiment in using my Le Creuset heart ramekins to shape sticky coriander rice worked so successfully!

#21 Taste-testing Breads Etcetera's Anzac and choc chip cookies

Day #21 – Carrying out a crucial taste test on Breads Etcetera’s chewy coconut Anzac biscuits and gooey chocolate chip cookies as part of an expedition to Brixton Village with fellow food-blogger Yummy Choo Eats (watch this space for the full review of our gastronomic adventure!)

Don’t forget that you can keep track of my #Project366 progress by following @Feelgd_Foodbk on Twitter or @katy_riddle on Instagram. I’m very flattered that the lovely people at Foodies 100 have included me in their list of food bloggers to check out on Pinterest, and you can also see the full round-up of 2012’s daily food photos via my #Project366 Pinterest board.  

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