Friday 17 June 2011

Destiny in the form of a date (and ginger naan)...

As a recent convert to the benefits of healthy eating and regular exercise, I’ve mainly succeeded in ending my long-standing relationship with doughy goods. Painful memories of speeding treadmills and heavy dumbbells can be an effective deterrent against the temptations of even the crunchiest French baton or softest herb-studded foccaccia.
But Indian naan bread is still my weakness. 

Like a pretty girl to James Bond, there’s something about it that I just can’t resist. The way it rises into smooth bubbles, the way it rips into delicate pieces, the way it soaks up all the flavours of its curried counterparts…whatever it is that makes it so appealing, I just know I’d gladly run up a mountain if there was a naan bread waiting for me at the top.
And I’ve now discovered the pinnacle of naan perfection. I’d always thought that a peshwari naan was unbeatable, with its combination of sugary shredded coconut and succulent raisins. But the Date and Ginger naan has now entered the ring, and knocked the peshwari out for the count after the first bite. Spicy yet sweet, chewy yet soft…it’s a cotton ball of delicious contradictions that I’ll spend my days trekking across the takeaway desert to experience again.

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