Friday 1 June 2012

#Project366 – week 18

I’m so annoyed that I’ve let these updates on my #project366 challenge slide. I had genuinely (perhaps naively) hoped that I could get to a stage where I was reporting back every Sunday on the previous week’s food photos, but the truth is that those plans have been scuppered thanks to the day job and life generally. I’ve been away most weekends during the past month, so opportunities to blog have been few and far between.

So I’m afraid that yet again I’m going to have to take you on a whistle-stop tour of the past few weeks’ most memorable gastronomic moments. Hopefully you’re already following my #project366 Pinterest board or Twitter feed so have still had a regular dose of my food photography, but one day I’d like to stop making excuses and apologising and just show you my snapshots on a weekly basis! I live in hope…

#120 - vegetarian gnocchi bake

Day #120 – Combining red pepper & pecan pesto from my L’atalier des Chefs pasta-making class (see Day #112) with gnocchi, spinach, sweet corn & Comte cheese into a quick vegetarian dinner baked in the oven

#121 - volcanic Le Creuset pie dish

Day #121 – Exciting surprise delivery of a pie dish from my parents to add to my Le Creuset volcanic collection! 

#122 - Dark Chocolate Hobnobs

Day #122 - I far prefer dark chocolate Hobnobs to the milk version, but they are often very hard to find in the shops

#123 - Taylor's fish and chip supper in Stockport

Day #123Celebrating one final great local election visit with a traditional fish supper from award-winning chip shop Taylor's in Stockport, before heading back to London

#124 - blueberry and banana breakfast smoothie

Day #124 - Just add milk…breakfast smoothie ingredients waiting to be poured into the blender

#125 - peanut butter on toast

Day #125Peanut butter has suddenly become my latest snacktime obsession. When I was younger I couldn’t stand to let butter or margarine melt into my toast and would therefore insist that it was left to “cool down”…a sure sign of my OCD tendencies that were set to emerge in adulthood! But I’ve discovered that in contrast to regular spreads, PB works perfectly as a runny topping on hot toast that doesn’t make the bread turn soggy. I’ve since improved this snack even further by adding a drizzle of honey and sliced banana for added sweetness

#126 - chocolate and ginger brownie cake

Day #126I’ve talked at length about my inability to bake, but I decided to practice my skills by attempting a chocolate and ginger brownie cake to kickstart the May Bank Holiday. Its consistency was a lot gooier than it appears in this picture…I took a whole series of images of the cooking process and hope to share this recipe with you soon!

If you’re on Instagram, then why not keep track of my progress on a daily basis? I’m @Katy_Riddle…if you can’t resist playing with your food (photos) either, then please let me know your profile name so I can enjoy some #foodenvy for your meals!

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