Sunday 3 June 2012

#Project366 – week 19

A few snapshots from a week of simple homely pleasures, plus one decadent dinner out…

#127 - Camden Food Co's Omega3 Salad

Day #127 – An unexpected train trip up to the Midlands (it’s all North for a Dorset girl like me!) meant an emergency takeaway lunch. I was impressed with Camden Food Co's Omega3 salad packed with prawn, avocado and edamame – with only 276 calories it fitted well into my daily number-crunching and still kept me full for our whole journey

#128 - acorn squash ready to roast

Day #128 – Our local food centre sells a great selection of fresh vegetables, including this interesting looking acorn squash which I roasted with oil and seasoning then ate straight out of its skin

#129 - oozing turkey, sage and onion risotto

Day #129When I’ve had a stressful day and want to relax in my kitchen, I often resort to risotto. There’s nothing better for restoring my mood than a huge bowlful of this oozing rice and stock mixture, made with the classic combination of turkey, sage and onion

#130 - Brown's roast duck with broad beans and cherry sauce

Day #130My main course for a midweek dinner date at Browns was roast duck served with broad beans and cherry sauce, plus a side order of creamy sweet potato dauphinoise

#131 - Borough Cheese Company's Comte

Day #131Strong French Comte is my idea of cheese heaven, so I like to savour the flavour and use it sparingly to ensure it lasts as long as possible…I can’t believe this wedge was bought from the Borough Cheese Company at the Real Food Festival back in #week6!

#132 - Flat Cap latte art

Day #132 – Friday afternoon caffeine boost with a lovely arty skinny vanilla latte from Flat Cap Coffee Company

#133 - healthy poppy seed bread

Day #133 Somehow my dear friend and journalist Ros Urwin managed to convince me to join her for an outdoor exercise course at Green Farm Fitness, all in the name of “research”. As a hungry gourmand, I was especially anxious that we’d be expected to survive the entire weekend on a single lettuce leaf, so I was hugely relieved by the wide selection of delicious dishes that Kathryn and Maryann presented us with and their healthy attitude to eating well. Normally I avoid eating bread, but I couldn’t resist a slice of this poppy seed loaf bread fresh out of the Aga once I’d heard all the nutritious ingredients that had gone into it!

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