Saturday 23 June 2012

#Project366 – week 22

When I started my #project366 challenge I was a total photography novice. I’m certainly not claiming to be an expert now, but as the year is progressing I do at least feel that my camera skills are improving. Looking back on these photos from the tail-end of last month, I’m struck by how you can capture the atmosphere of a particular moment through the lens…the vibrant colours and bright lighting instantly bring me back into the summertime mood!

#148 - raspberries and Oat Crunch in the garden

Day #148Fresh raspberries and Oat Crunch granola purchased at the new Wholefoods Market in Piccadilly and served for breakfast in our sunlit garden

#149 - slimline tonic and starry ice cubes

Day #149Early evening sunlight, icy stars and bubbling slimline tonic (sans gin sadly)

#150 - turkey and chorizo fajita mix

Day #150 - Almost every dish I cooked this week contained Flavours of Spain’s amazing piquant chorizo sausage, which I bought during my Saturday session at Brockley Market (see Day #147 of week 21). Turkey and red peppers were added to the chorizo for Tuesday's dinner of spicy fajitas

#151 - Smitten Kitchen summer strawberry cake

Day #151 - Continuing to develop my baking ability for another charity cake party in the office…Smitten Kitchen’s moist summer strawberry cake ready for the oven

#152 - Prima Donna Brixton's piri piri chicken

Day #152Sampling the Piri Piri chicken at new restaurant Prima Donna in Brixton Village’s Market Row, which had an excellent combination of crispy charred skin, tender juicy meat and a fiery sauce

#153 - Le Creuset volcanic casserole dish

Day #153The culinary world is my oyster and my life is complete now that I finally own a Le Creuset volcanic casserole dish! Is this called a Dutch Oven in America…?

#154 - Spanish Flavours streetfood flatbread

Day #154 Despite having eaten so much chorizo at home this week, I still couldn’t resist trying it inside Spanish Flavours flatbread whilst introducing a couple of friends to all of my favourite Real Food Festival vendors and discovering some outstanding new producers at the Southbank’s world street food festival 

I love checking out everyone else’s #foodporn on Instagram (I’m @katy_riddle) and sharing my daily food photos with other gastronomes via my twitter feed and #Project366 Pinterest board…your comments are always appreciated!

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