Sunday 24 June 2012

#Project366 – week 23

Compared to the vast swath of royal recipes overflowing from every cookery magazine and foodblog in recent weeks, you will notice a distinct lack of patriotism in this #project366 roundup post from the period covering the June Bank Holiday.  This isn’t because I’m vehemently opposed to the monarchy - most of this week was spent banqueting in Bavaria as part of my boyfriend’s 30th birthday celebrations, which I’m afraid took a higher priority in our #littleflat than toasting her Majesty’s 60 year anniversary! 

#155 - griddled avocado

Day #155 - Griddling avocado for an indoor burger BBQ on the first of many rainy days

#156 - Bourbon biscuit cushions

Day #156 - My favourite double-layer chocolate biscuit in soft cushioned form, on sale at the Southbank Centre shop

#157 - starter salad and traditional German breads

Day #157Proof that the Germans don’t just consume meat and beer…starter salad and traditional breads at start of our Bavarian holiday

#158 - Lunch at Europa Park's FoodLoop restaurant

Day #158The only restaurant my fellow travellers were interested in visiting was the FoodLoop at Europa Park, where your meal was served to you via a rollercoaster! Unfortunately the meat in my chicken salad tasted processed and the leaves were covered in a greasy dressing…but it was a novel experience nonetheless!

#159 - rump steak skewer

Day #159Beautifully cooked rump steak skewer with bacon, onions and red pepper strips during our final night in Germany

#160 - German raisin loaf

Day #160 - One last slice of this delicious spiced raisin loaf before flying back to Blighty

#161 - Fruity couscous and lincolnshire sausage

Day #161A very random supper which worked surprisingly well…meaty Lincolnshire pork sausage from Brockley Market on a bed of fruity couscous, drizzled with sweet apricot balsamic glaze bought from Borough Market

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