Tuesday 7 May 2013

Bank Holiday weekend binge

One of my favourite blog series' is Weekend Things on How Sweet It Is - the photos are always fantastic and it's so clever how your mind fills in the gaps in the story. If anything my love of food photography has grown after completing Project 366 in 2012, so I thought I'd share with you my Instagrammed snapshots from a particularly gluttonous Bank Holiday weekend...

3 Bears Porridge at Restaurant Story

Three Bears' Porridge at Restaurant Story...which one was "just right" for me?! More photos from this fantastic meal coming soon

3BIS Gelateria

Panne cotta ice-cream from 3BIS Gelateria by Borough Market to soak up a few glasses of wine...wish I'd taken a photo of the molten chocolate cascading out of their special tap!

Joe & Seph's gourmet popcorn at Wholefoods High Street Kensington

Giving out free samples of Joe & Seph's gourmet popcorn to lucky shoppers at Wholefoods High Street Kensington

Wholefoods healthy smoothies

A pair of vibrantly coloured healthy smoothies

Sweet Sin crepe from Senzala

My favourite Sweet Sin crepe from Senzala (formerly the Brick Box) in Brixton Village

Sweet Sin banana and dark chocolate crepe from Senzala

Peeking inside my crepe...sweet cooked banana meets gooey bitter dark chocolate

The Food Joint's pulled pork bun

The most incredible barbecue pulled pork bun from Brixton Village vendors The Food Joint served up at Red Market's third birthday party...it's the fig & vanilla sourdough roll that makes it truly exceptional

The Orange Buffalo's Woof Woof wings

"Woof Woof" wings from The Orange Buffalo...still too spicy for me and my man!

Deep fried Oreo from When MAC Met CHEESE

So wrong, it's right...deep fried Oreo cookie from When MAC Met CHEESE

Mr Whippy icecream flake

Refuelling after a 6k run round the park in the baking sunshine with a classic Mr Whippy 99 Flake (which now costs about £1.50...!)

Thatcher's Katy cider

This cider's (literally!) got my name on it...

Pork chops from Brixton Farmers' Market

Giant juicy pork chops from Brixton Farmers' Market

Pork chops with pears and creamy cider sauce

Pork chops transformed courtesy of Nigel Slater's culinary wisdom...topped with caramelised pears, coated in a creamy cider sauce and paired with roasted butternut squash and apricot couscous

Outsider Tart's Congo bar

Final treat of the weekend...chocolate chip Congo blondie bar for my boyfriend from Outsider Tart at the Real Food Festival...

Outside Tart's meringue pecan biscuit bar

...and a rich mix of coffee meringue, dark chocolate chunks and chopped pecans on a buttery biscuit base for me

#littlecat cuddles after a busy weekend

Wiped out...think my boys need another weekend to recover...!


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