Monday 20 May 2013

Fudges' milk chocolate florentines - sharing my delightful Dorset discoveries!

Fudges milk chocolate florentines

At heart I will always be a Dorset girl, no matter where I live in the big wide world or how long I'm separated from the Jurassic coast.

Occasionally the rural twang in the pronunciation of my vowels gives away my heritage (much to the amusement of my trendy urban friends), coupled with my obsession for seeking out the nearest spot of beach as soon as the sun begins to shine. In my eyes there are few things more mesmerising than watching the deep blue sea lapping against the sandy shore, whilst breathing in the salty air - transporting me back to my childhood in an instant.

Needless to say I am proud of my southern roots, and ever eager to support independent producers from my homeland. I've long been a fan of Fudges Bakery, whose snacks are ideal for impressing guests - whether that's crunchy sweet biscuits to accompany coffee, or flaky cheese straws to pack into a picnic.

So when Fudges kindly offered me a free sample of their new milk chocolate florentines, there was obviously only one acceptable answer - yes please! In a piece of perfect timing, I was also due to return to the seaside this weekend to celebrate my birthday - what better place to enjoy my latest delightful Dorset discovery than back home with my family?!

Milk chocolate florentine by Fudges Bakery

These tasty treats are wonderfully indulgent - the rich and creamy Belgian milk chocolate base gives way to sweet and chewy caramelised nuts, then every so often you are jolted from your reverie by a chunk of sharp cranberry. Inducing a moment of bliss alongside a mug of strong tea in the middle of the afternoon, I can imagine these would be equally delicious broken up over vanilla icecream for a decadent dessert at the end of the meal.

Personally I still prefer the contrast between bitterness and butterscotch in their original award-winning dark chocolate florentines, but I know that my obsession with that intense cocoa hit is unusual. I'm sure that this milky version is bound to be more of a crowd-pleaser, so as a special birthday treat I've teamed up with Fudges to give away 2 boxes of their new milk chocolate florentines to my readers!

For the chance to win, all you need to do is follow Feelgood Foodbook on Twitter and retweet this blogpost. If you're not on Twitter, then you're missing out on all kinds of foodie fun and should sign up today...! The two winners will be selected at random on Wednesday 22nd May and announced via Twitter...good luck!


  1. The winners of my Milk Chocolate Florentines competition with @fudgesbakery are @runningjules and @porridgeandrhi - congratulations! Thank you to everyone who entered x