Wednesday 14 March 2012

Ice-cream sandwich to instantly satisfy your sweet tooth

Icc-cream sandwich ready to devour
It’s the end of another long day, which has been part of an even longer week at work where I suddenly seem to have transformed into Challenge Anneka. I’m conscious that I haven’t written an article in over a fortnight (breaking my 2012 blog goals) and have a heap of photos of my homage to Pieminister’s Moo pie, plus a blueberry loaf cake, patiently waiting to be shared with the world. But I’m afraid I don’t think I have the energy for that level of eloquence or entertaining conversation tonight.

However, before I rest my weary head and aching limbs I must share with you this “recipe” for the ideal instant snack to satisfy any cravings your sweet tooth may be suffering from late at night (or early in the morning, depending on when you read this!). I say "recipe”, because it’s really more a question of assembly…there’s barely any cooking involved, and as an added bonus it only takes a matter of minutes to rustle up!

My inspiration came from an article on sweet sandwiches in the latest edition of Jamie Magazine that I’d spotted whilst attempting to unwind in my hotel room during my working weekend away, where Mr Oliver has once again added a grown-up modern twist to some traditional childhood treats. I could just imagine the sensory rollercoaster my tastebuds would be sent on by combining a crunchy toasted muffin with gooey frozen ice-cream, runny honey and chewy chunks of fudge, and knew I had to concoct a version of my own…

Thankfully my imagination hadn’t deceived me, and this dessert was just as delicious as I’d anticipated – leaving me with a euphonic sugar rush and a full stomach. So why not give a nod to nostalgia by testing out this promptly-produced pudding next time your sweet tooth is niggling?

Instant ice-cream sandwich (serves 1)
1 English muffin
50g vanilla ice-cream
1 tbsp grated chocolate / chocolate spread
1 tbsp clear honey
1 tbsp mini fudge chunks

Note: The quantities and ingredients here are my recommendation only – you could add more chocolate or honey depending on how runny you like your sauces, and swap the fudge chunks for mini marshmallows, dried fruit or even coloured sprinkles if you’re feeling really retro!

Biting straight into my ice-cream sandwich

1. Slice the English muffin in half and toast – under the grill, in the toaster, on an Aga…however you prefer!

2. Sprinkle the grated chocolate over the top of one of the muffin halves, and heat in the microwave (or under the grill) for a minute until melted. Coat the other half of the muffin with honey and put to one side.
Note: My grated chocolate solidified again once I’d added the ice-cream, so in hindsight I think that chocolate spread would be a better option here.

3. Place the chocolate-covered muffin half in a dish and top with the ice-cream. Top with the fudge chunks, another drizzle of honey and a final sprinkling of grated chocolate. Then press the honey-covered muffin half on top so that the thawing ice-cream amalgamates with the gooey sauces and starts to drip down the edge of the sweet sandwich.

The part of this dish that took the most time was attempting to manage the mess of eating this muffin with my hands…as my #project366 photo shows I eventually had to resort to a spoon!

Day #73 - figuring out the best way to eat this irresistible ice-cream sandwich

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