Sunday 4 March 2012

#Project366 – week 8

This week I passed the 50 day mark on my challenge to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year! See which gastronomic experiences were worth a snapshot…

#50 - Breaking the rules by eating mint thins before Eight

Day #50 – Breaking the rules by sneakily eating a couple of After Eights before the allotted time...

#51 - Belated Christmas present of Heston at Home

Day #51 – Very grateful for this Christmas present (even if it is rather belated)…looking forward to testing out the roast chicken recipe that I marvelled at during Heston’s latest TV series!

#52 - Leftover chicken and ham potato pie

Day #52 – Experimenting with leftovers…lemon and thyme roasted chicken and Coca Cola braised ham hidden between layers of sliced potato and served in a timeless Le Creuset dish

#53 - brown butter pancakes a day late for Shrove Tuesday

Day #53 – Missed Shrove Tuesday so decided to celebrate a day late with Poires au Chocolat's brown butter pancakes topped with honeyed berries and crème fraiche

#54 - Masterchef moment as part of my day job

Day #54A rare convergence between my personal fascination with the culinary world and my professional life in the political world…Nick Clegg has a Masterchef moment whilst meeting catering apprentices at City of Bath College

#55 - Empty shells from a punnet of Graze pistachios

Day #55 – All that’s left from these Graze Mississippi BBQ pistachios is a punnet of empty shells

#56 - Naan bread is my weakness

Day #56 – When I first started this blog I wrote about my weakness for authentic Indian naan bread – despite knowing how bad it is for me health-wise, I still find it impossible to resist!

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