Sunday 18 March 2012

#Project366 – week 9

As you scroll through this latest instalment of #Project366 photos, you will probably notice a significant shift in quality between the photos at the start of the week and at the end. I’m overjoyed to announce that after months of screaming in frustration whilst my old iPhone crashed mid-tweet, I’ve finally upgraded to the 4GS. I’ve been staggered by the level of detail captured by my new camera, and have a renewed enthusiasm for my daily photo challenge…

#57 - Brixton Village lunch tour

Day #57 – Arriving at Brixton Village’s Granville Arcade for an eagerly-anticipated lunchtime tour of this stunning secret food hall

#58 - Keep calm and carry on

Day #58 – The mantra that helped me survive a stressful day in the office…

#59 - bright strawberries to prepare for spring

Day #59 – Breakfast strawberries brightening up a grey day and bringing a hint of the sunshine that’s hopefully in store this summer

#60 - baking party for London Marathon

Day #60 – On 22nd April my boyfriend will be running the London Marathon for the British Heart Foundation in memory of a dear friend who tragically passed away last year. My low-fat blueberry muffins and coconut and apricot flapjacks got the Great British Bake-off treatment during the office cake sale we organised to boost his sponsorship…luckily our colleagues gave both recipes the thumbs up (and enjoyed a whole host of other delicious sweet treats)!

#61 - bargain retro Chomp bar

Day #61 – Couldn’t resist buying a retro Chomp bar on the way home when I spotted they were still only 20p - what a bargain!

#62 - Yummychooeats Mauritian supperclub in full swing

Day #62 – Spending an evening enjoying an incredible Mauritian feast with fellow foodbloggers Giulia, Laura and Sela at Yummychooeats supperclub

#63 - colourful chicken coconut curry

Day #63 – Creating a vibrant Thai curry with shredded roast chicken, red peppers, green coriander and kaffir lime leaves and golden coconut sauce

For daily updates from my culinary world, be sure to follow my #Project366 Pinterest board, and click on the buttons in the top-right of this page to get my latest updates via Twitter and Facebook…bon appetit for another week!

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