Saturday 17 November 2012

#Project366 – week 42

Proof that my 2012 blogging goal to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year was still going strong in mid-October…

#288 - Community Kitchen wrap

Day #288 – Sustenance in the form of fellow Cheese and Wine festival trader Community Kitchen Ltd’s skilfully handmade flatbread wrap with spicy minced lamb and chickpea tagine

#289 - sticky roasted sausage and sweet potato

Day #289 – Using Olive Branch’s apricot jam to create a sticky sweet glaze for my roasted sausages and sweet potato wedges…keep your eyes peeled on their recipe tree over the next few weeks to find out my cooking instructions!

#290 - chorizo and pepper spicy pasta

Day #290Speedy mid-week supper of spicy tomato pasta with yellow courgettes and my favourite smoked chorizo from Brockley Market regulars Flavours of Spain

#291 - South Devon Chilli Farm chocolate crunchy cake

Day #291 – Looking forward to taste-testing this chilli chocolate crunchy cake I was sent my South Devon Chilli Farm

#292 - pumpkin and amaretti ravioli

Day #292 – I mentioned in my round-up from #week40 how I’m currently hooked on delicate ravioli, and especially when filled with pumpkin and amaretti (my seasonal obsession) of pumpkin and coated in sage butter

#293 - The Food Joint's pulled pork burger

Day #293 – London dwellers listen up…get yourself down to The Food Joint in Brixton Village (formerly Heritage Deli) as soon as possible to experience this juicy pulled pork patty with an unbelievably soft and light potato bun!

#294 - Toast coasters

Day #294 – Seriously realistic toast coasters spotted at the V&A shop before checking out the beautiful ballgowns exhibition with my mummy

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