Tuesday 27 November 2012

#Project366 – week 47

A variety of nibbles and accompaniments recorded in this week’s snapshots, plus a huge hunk of gnarly caramelised meat…

#323 - La Fromagerie's winter cheeseboard

Day #323 – Following the London Cheese and Wine Guide’s advice and checking out La Fromagerie’s Winter Cheeseboard, served with slices of my favourite seasonal russet apple (and a cheeky glass or two of Riesling!)

#324 - Miss Stoneham's ginger curd

Day #324Every time I visit Brockley Market I grab a taster of Miss Stoneham’s ginger curd, so on my last trip I finally bought a jar of this magic elixir to coat healthy rice cakes and drizzle over less-healthy icecream

#325 - Coca cola braised ham with apricot jam glaze

Day #325Adapting my Coca Cola braised ham recipe by glazing it in Olive Branch’s apricot and olive oil jam

#326 - Heinz baked beans

Day #326 -  Beanz Meanz Heinz! A comforting accompaniment to a late supper of glazed ham and potato wedges

#327 - Trader Joe's pumpkin butter

Day #327Celebrating Thanksgiving by stirring sweetly spiced pumpkin butter into my early morning porridge

#328 - sweet potato and feta tacquitos from Wahaca

Day #328 – My boyfriend and I visit Wahaca on a regular basis because their food is fast, fresh, full of flavour and super cheap! I’ve been on a salad hit there lately (see Day #295) but on this occasion I decided to try their crunchy sweet potato and feta tacquitos with (very spicy!) chipotle mayo

#329 - fresh pomegranate to deseed

Day 329 – Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals? Some people might be snobby about Jamie’s cooking or quibble over the amount of time his meals actually take to prepare, but I love his relaxed and enthusiastic style, and find his dishes a great source of speedy suppertime inspiration. However, I’ve discovered that it’s much harder to deseed a pomegranate than he makes it look when he casually bashes the pips all over his serving platter…!

Can you believe that I am finally back up to date on my #Project366 food-photography challenge?! Me neither! Thanks for your patience, now let’s hope I can continue this good behaviour for the final month. Don’t forget you can reflect on the whole series so far by checking out my #Project366 Pinterest board, and see my new snapshots first by following me on twitter and instagram.

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