Monday 19 November 2012

#Project366 – week 43

In Nigel Slater’s fascinating autobiography Toast he describes the traditional English dishes that he grew up on, and how incredible it was to try Italian classics like spaghetti bolognese for the first time. Nowadays mixing up our weekly menu with different cuisines from across the world is common place, as perfectly highlighted in this flashback of daily photographs from late October…

#295 - Wahaca's steak Sonara salad

Day #295 – A change from my usual street food order at Wahaca, a virtuous chargrilled steak and avocado spicy Sonara salad served in an ingenious (less healthy, deep-fried!) tortilla basket

#296 - Coco Cafe

Day #296 – Discovering Caribbean flavoured Coco Cafe, a great combination of rehydrating coconut and metabolism-boosting espresso

#297 - Dragon rolls from Fujiyama in Brixton

Day #297 – Superstar baker Kaelie from Sweet Tooth Factory and I decided to hit Fujiyama round the corner from Brixton Village to satisfy a sushi craving, where she introduced to these beautiful decorated dragon rolls made with grilled eel (talking of beautifully decorated delights, see #week41 for examples of Kaelie’s amazing cheesecakes)

#298 - Baba Ganoush at Yalla Yalla

Day #298 – Smoky aubergine baba ganoush dip with sweet pomegranate seeds during a speedy lunch Beirut-style at Yalla Yalla with Selina from Yummychooeats

#299 - chicken Caesar salad and fries

Day #299 – This is probably what most Americans would class as a balanced dinner…chicken Caesar salad with fries before a night at the movies with my beau

#300 - Nigel Slater's dish of the day

Day #300 - What better way to spend a freezing Friday night than by curled up on the sofa watching eloquent and charming Nigel Slater cook?!

#301 - The Dessert Deli cookbook

Day #301 – I was honoured to test out Laura Amos’s recipes for lemon posset and raspberry jelly for The Dessert Deli cookbook…if you watch this video closely you might even see my photos included in the montage! Her launch party was great fun, where she spoiled her guests rotten by producing hundreds of exquisite dessert pots filled with delicious treats like banoffee cheesecake, tiramisu and chocolate mousse. If you ever get the chance to check her out at her London street stalls or Wholefoods Market, be sure to try her lip-smackingly tasty pecan and bourbon pie!

So this wasn’t quite around the world in 80 days, but almost! The end of my #project366 challenge to capture a food-related photograph every day is inching closer…make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates, and look back on my #Project366 Pinterest board for the whole story so far! Au revoir for another week…

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