Friday 2 November 2012

#Project366 – week 36

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When I first challenged myself to capture a food-related photography every day in 2012, I debated what format would be best: either posting the images before going to bed each night, or following the format of the Shutterbean blog that inspired my own #Project366 and simply post a round-up article every week?

I opted for the weekly version, as I thought would be more comprehensive and prevent my site looking overloaded. But on reflection now, I wish I’d plumped for shorter posts more frequently, so that I could go into more detail about all of my gastronomic experiences and share new content with my readers more regularly. Whilst I’ve pushed myself to ensure I don’t skip any snapshots, the truth is that “real life” often overrules my best-laid blogging plans, and so I currently find myself a colossal EIGHT WEEKS behind in my updates.

As someone fixated with achieving perfection, this is obviously an unsatisfactory situation…but my OCD-style nature also prevents me from switching the pattern when I’m so close to reaching my goal (I can’t give myself a break!). So I’m going to do my best to whizz through the last few months’ worth of flashbacks and get back to speed, ready for the finale. I hope these pictures bring back warming memories of the moment when the seasons started to shift and everything turned golden brown…

#246 - Kings Cross Ice-Cream Festival

Day #246 - Checking out the ice-cream festival in Kings Cross…to be honest I was disappointed, as there were huge queues of people waiting to buy their punnets which meant that it wasn’t possible to check out any of the vendors or do any tastings before making your mind up on which scoop to supersize

#247 - Pomegranate, Blueberry and Grilled Peach Couscous Salad

Day #247 – Having seen Shutterbean’s grilled peaches with blue cheese, I was inspired to combine include fruit in a savoury dish…this pomegranate, blueberry, couscous salad with apricot-balsamic glazed peaches and turkey not only tasted delicious but left me feeling totally bloody virtuous!

#248 - Cyrus Todiwala's parsee curry

Day #248 - My take on Cyrus Todiwala's parsee curry from May's edition of Jamie magazine 

#249 - Pretty as a peach

Day #249 – Pretty as a peach…

#250 - banana porridge in the morning light

Day #250Powerfood protection for the onset of autumn in the form of banana porridge, showcased beautifully in the morning light

#251 - apple and cinnamon muffin

Day #251 – I’m beginning to think I could create a whole sub-category within #Project366 for “foods that I have consumed whilst on a train”…despite being sealed in plastic, this apple and cinnamon muffin was sadly very dry

#252 - Barbecoa ultimate peanut butter and chocolate sundae

Day #252 – Birds eye view of Barbecoa’s totally indulgent “ultimate peanut butter chocolate sundae”, with additional blackcurrant sorbet to create a Black Forest Gateaux flavour

You can check out the entire “story so far” by visiting my #project366 Pinterest board and Facebook page, and keep track of my culinary delights on the home straight to December 31st by following me on twitter and instagram.

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