Wednesday 14 November 2012

#Project366 – week 40

There’s a definite Autumnal vibe about these #Project366 snapshots from the first week in October, when I decided to increase my intake of “power foods” to try and prevent the curse of the common cold…

#274 - raspberry and apple crumble

Day #274 - Final chance to enjoy some summery raspberries, combined with sharp apples into a crunchy crumble as a treat for my boyfriend before he jetted off to America to help Barack Obama get re-elected

#275 - Zizzi spinach and ricotta ravioli

Day #275 – It’s not often that I opt for the vegetarian option when dining out, but every since my pasta-making course at L’Ataliers des Chefs I’ve been hooked on intricate ravioli. This spinach and ricotta version was served at Zizzi (probably the best of the Italian chain restaurants, barring Jamie Oliver’s outlet) with a vibrant pesto and sprinkling of extra pine nuts

#276 - quiche and sweet potato wedges

Day #276 – Surely this supper says "autumn" to you too?! Red pepper and goats cheese quiche purchased at the Real Food Festival, with baked sweet potato wedges and nutmeg spinach


Day #277Spicy prawn stir-fry packed with healthy "power foods” like broccoli, broad beans, almonds, chilli and ginger

#278 - cold cure of lemon and ginger with agave syrup

Day #278 – My recent hectic work schedule catching up with me as a develop symptoms reminiscent to freshers’ flu…hoping this hot watery elixir of fresh lemon, ginger, agave syrup does the trick

#279 - larder envy

Day #279 – Suffering serous “larder envy” whilst observing all the spices and condiments crammed into this pantry at my good friend (and exceptionally talented writer) Ros Urwin’s house

#280 - Quinoa, squash and goats cheese salad

Day #280 – Being home alone did allow me to spend Saturday morning visiting one of my favourite foodie havens, Brockley Market, and catching up with the fantastic independent vendors who set out their fine products for hungry punters every week. Theresa from Flavours of Spain and I were debating how best to use their strong and creamy bellota goats cheese (aside from eating it with a nice slice of chorizo), so I conjured up this healthy salad using “power food” quinoa and bulghur wheat, plus roasted butternut squash, to cancel out the lunchtime hunger pangs during the week ahead

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