Sunday 25 November 2012

#Project366 – week 45

Why is it that no matter how cold it is outside, you can always enjoy a scoop of creamy gelato or (slightly healthier) frozen yoghurt? Despite the calendar shifting to November in this week’s reflection from my challenge to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year, I didn’t hesitate to tuck into an icy sweet treat…

#309 - Sweet Tooth Factory's banana and chocolate cake

Day #309 – Wandered round the Turner Prize and felt very unimpressed…but this banana chocolate chip cake by Sweet Tooth Factory is a real work of art!

#310 - organic tomato ketchup

Day #310As well as alerting me to the benefits  “power foods”Womens Health Magazine has taught me that organic ketchup has more vitamins and antioxidants than the standard version...hopefully this means it’s worth the extra expense?!

#311 - Blanche and Shock mallard

Day #311I’m always willing to act as fellow food-blogger Selina’s “plus one” for her restaurant review assignments…there is a risk of a dodgy meal (see day #206!) but there’s also a chance you’ll get sent somewhere amazing. We felt so lucky to experience Blanch and Shock’s popup at House of Wolf, and both agreed that our favourite dish was this juicy mallard with soft Jerusalem artichoke, sweet chestnut stuffing, sharp scarlet hawberries and melilot

#312 - Oreos and milk

Day #312 – Monochrome magic in the form of Oreo cookies and almond milk before bed

#313 - Yogafruit frozen yoghurt in Bristol

Day #313 - The plus side to spending four hours travelling on trains in order to recce the venues for my next media visit is knowing that there's an independent frozen yoghurt stand waiting for me at Bristol train station

#314 - Duke of Delhi chocolate chunk bombay mix

Day #314 – Instantly fell in love with the combination of sweetness and spice in this chocolate chunk Bombay mix by Duke of Delhi, which I sampled during BBC Good Food Show at Kensington Olympia

#315 - Libby's pumpkin

Day #315 – Now I can finally fulfil my pumpkin obsession by testing out some of the tempting recipes that American food-bloggers have shared in the run-up to Thanksgiving…if only I could decide which dish to make first?!

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