Tuesday 13 November 2012

#Project366 – week 39

My #Project366 challenge has been toughest when I’ve hit intensely busy periods in my working life – and week 39 reflects one of the most extreme example of this. Other than the run-up to an election, conference week is the most frantic time for me as the Liberal Democrats’ Visits Manager, with the national media pool eager for daily photo opportunities and interview slots with the Party Leader, plus a number of meetings with members to coordinate. Often I barely had time to rehydrate with a bottle of water, let alone eat anything more exciting than a cereal bar. There were points when I was genuinely concerned that I would be forced to skip a day in my challenge, but thankfully I was able to snap the odd quick picture here and there, and take another step towards my goal to capture a food-related photograph every day for a year…

#267 - Grand Hotel room service
Day #267 – Romantic room service dinner for my boyfriend and I before we both spent the evening working at separate internal events
#268 - Redroaster Brighton
Day #268 – One of the more surreal moments in my job was recceing a selection of Brighton’s coffee shops ahead of a media visit…independent coffee house Redroaster had a delightfully relaxed vibe and uses top-quality coffee beans, so I’m not at all surprised by its legendary status locally

#269 - courgette and goats cheese canapes
Day #269 – Grabbing a photograph of these posh courgette and goats cheese canapés as they were toured around a dark reception room on the last night of the conference

#270 - M&S pork pie
Day #270 – A conversation about Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey MP on the train back from Brighton resulting in all of us returning home with pork pies…!

#271 - Copita sweet and sour carrots
Day #271- So glad Selina from Yummychooeats and I ordered these Incredible sweet and sour carrots with labnes and caramelised walnuts whilst lunching at Copita in Soho

#272 - Tas olives and Ispanakli yoghurt
Day #272 - Complimentary olives and Ispanakli yoghurt from Tas on Borough High Street...their bread is so soft it’s impossible to resist!

#273 - Joe and Seph's popcorn tshirts
Day #273 – Fantastic sell-out day at Thame Food Festival with Joe & Seph’s popcorn, where we modelled our chic new team polo shirts

I’m still hideously behind in my round-up posts from the past couple of months, so for the latest news from my daily food-photography challenge and other general #foodporn please look me up on Twitter, Instagram and sneak a peek at my #Project366 Pinterest board

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